The Second WWW 2011 Warm Up Event

Novel Web Software Contest

Welcome to WWW 2011 Warm Up Two !

******* Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to March 8th *******

The software contest is the second event in the series of warm-up events leading up to WWW 2011. The goal of the software contest is to increase awareness in the developer community about the WWW series of conferences, and encourage participation in the conference. The contest will provide an opportunity to the developer community to showcase novel tools and applications that leverage and combine different web-related technologies. We solicit submissions in all aspects of web-related technologies, especially in topics of emerging interest. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Search and ranking techniques
  • Indexing, index compression, distribution, caching and retrieval of Web rich-content media
  • Web 2.0 applications and mashups
  • Analysis of social networks and communities, social media, and blogs
  • Semantic web, web services, and SOA
  • Security and privacy in semantic web and web-based services
  • Mobile applications, including search and advertising, peer-to-peer computing
  • Audio, speech, and multi-modal interfaces for Web
  • Model-based UI development
  • Personalization and group-oriented retrieval and interfaces
  • Intelligent user interfaces
  • Information Visualization and visual analytics
The contest will be held in two stages: (1) an abstract submission and screening stage and (2) a tool submission and evaluation stage.

Note that the tools need not be developed, from scratch, specifically for the contest. Recently-developed tools that combine and leverage web-related technologies in novel ways qualify as well.

Abstract submission and screening

For the first stage, we solicit extended abstracts that describe the proposed tool. The abstract should be approximately 2-3 pages in length; it should present succinctly and clearly a high-level architecture/design of the proposed tool, along with a description of its merits, novelty, and applications. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least three members of the evaluation committee, and the committee as a whole will make the final decision on the accepted abstracts, for which tool submissions will be solicited. The abstract evaluation will be based on novelty, applicability, and relevance. The authors of the screened abstracts will be notified for tool submission.

Tool submission and evaluation

In the second stage, each tool will be judged by at least three members of the evaluation committee; the committee as a whole will make the final decision about the contest winner. The tool evaluation will be performed using remote demonstrations. Instructions about the remote demonstrations and the materials to be submitted will be communicated to the authors after the abstract notification.

Important dates

Abstract submission March 1, 2010 New Deadline March 8, 2010
Author notification March 15, 2010 New Deadline March 22, 2010
Tool submission April 26, 2010
Tool demo period May 3-18, 2010
Winner announcement May 21, 2010

For submission instructions, please refer to the Submissions page.


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Important Dates

May 21, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Results Notification

May 10, 2010
    WarmUp Three - Author Notification

May 3 - May 18, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Tool Demo Period

April 26, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Tool Submission

April 15, 2010 (Extended)
    WarmUp Three - Paper Submission

March 22, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Abstract Notification

March 08, 2010 (Extended)
    WarmUp Two - Abstract Submission

December 15, 2009 [Closed]
    WarmUp One - Participant Notification

December 4, 2009 (Extended) [Closed]
    WarmUp One - Application Submission

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