The First WWW 2011 Warm Up Workshop

7th January 2010
University of Calcutta
Welcome to WWW 2011 Warm Up One !
WWW 2011 Warm Up Workshops Series

The First workshop of the series will be collocated with International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN), 3-6 January, 2010, Kolkata, India.

Participation to the First workshop is by invitation only. Interested candidates can submit a 1 to 2-page write-up mentioning the following:
  • your brief bio and current affiliation,
  • your interest and experience in World Wide Web and related technologies,
  • how do you intend to participate in WWW 2011 and
  • how would you benefit by attending the workshop.

Since the number of seats available is limited, applications shall be screened by a Program Committee. Successful applicants shall receive invitations to attend the workshop. The invited candidates shall need to explicitly register for the workshop by paying a token fee of Rs 100/-. The registration process for the workshop shall be made available at the Registration page. There are no travel grants currently available for participants.

For applying, please refer the Submissions page.


February 22, 2010
Third Warm Up Event Announced !
February 05, 2010
Second Warm Up Event Announced !
November 16, 2009
First Warm Up Workshop Announced !
Important Dates

May 21, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Results Notification

May 10, 2010
    WarmUp Three - Author Notification

May 3 - May 18, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Tool Demo Period

April 26, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Tool Submission

April 15, 2010 (Extended)
    WarmUp Three - Paper Submission

March 22, 2010
    WarmUp Two - Abstract Notification

March 08, 2010 (Extended)
    WarmUp Two - Abstract Submission

December 15, 2009 [Closed]
    WarmUp One - Participant Notification

December 4, 2009 (Extended) [Closed]
    WarmUp One - Application Submission

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