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Fifth Workshop on Energy-Efficient Design

( WEED 2013 )

Held in conjunction with the 2013 International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA-40)

June 24, 2013
Tel-Aviv, Israel

WEED 2012, 2013 CFP
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The Fifth Workshop on Energy Efficient Design (WEED2013) was successfully held with ISCA-40 on June 24th, 2013. The program with the accepted papers and their presentations:

1:30 pm WEED Harvest and Welcome to WEED 2013 - Karthick Rajamani (presentation)
2:00 pm A Case for Efficient Hardware/Software Cooperative Management of Storage and Memory - Onur Mutlu (paper, presentation)
2:25 pm Networks of Tiny Switches (NoTS): In search of network power efficiency and proportionality - Joseph Chabarek (paper, presentation)
2:50 pm Understanding the Role of the Power Delivery Network in 3D-Stacked Memory Devices - Manjunath Shevgoor (paper, presentation)
3:15 pm Break
3:45 pm Keynote: Efraim Rotem (Intel) - Energy-efficient Computing in High Performance Systems (presentation)
4:45 pm Optimal Power Allocation for Multiprogrammed Workloads on Single-Chip Heterogeneous Processors - Euijin Kwon (paper, presentation)
5:10 pm CPT: An Energy Efficiency Model for Multi-core Computer Systems - Bing Luo (paper, presentation)
5:35 pm Frontiers of Energy Efficiency - Moderated Discussion

Workshop Co-Organizers
John Carter, IBM
Karthick Rajamani, IBM

Program Committee:
Murali Annavaram, University of Southern California
Ricardo Bianchini, Rutgers University
Pradip Bose, IBM
David Brooks, Harvard University
John Carter, IBM (Co-chair)
Jichuan Chang, HP
Wei Huang, AMD
Benjamin Lee, Duke University
Jie Liu, Microsoft
Subhasish Mitra, Stanford University
Onur Mutlu, Carnegie-Mellon University
Karthick Rajamani, IBM (Co-chair)
Vijay Reddi, University of Texas at Austin
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech
Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Penn State University
Xiaorui Wang, Ohio State University
Lin Zhong, Rice University

Additional Reviewers
Mohammed Abdel-Majeed, University of Southern California
Daniel Wong, University of Southern California