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Workshop on Energy-Efficient Design

( WEED 2010 )

Held in conjunction with the 2010 International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA-37)

June 20, 2010
Saint-Malo, France

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Previous offerings of WEED: 2009




The 2nd Workshop on Energy Efficient Design was conducted successfully at Saint-Malo, France on the 20th of June, 2010. The workshop provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on research on critical areas relating to energy-efficient computing, including energy-aware design techniques for systems (large and small), energy management policies and mechanisms, and standards for evaluating energy efficiency. It was well attended with a good mix of researchers and practitioners from industry and academia.

Without further ado, below is the final program of WEED 2010. Clicking on the titles below would take you to the presentations where available.

INRIA’s web-archive HAL hosts the associated papers at

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Welcome Address
..... Karthick Rajamani (IBM Research)


Session 1: Energy-efficient Systems and Datacenters



The Search for Energy Efficient Building Blocks for the Data Center.
..... Laura Keys (Univ. of California - Berkeley), Suzanne Rivoire (Sonoma State University) and John Davis (Microsoft)

KnightShift: Shifting the I/O Burden in Datacenters to Management Processor for Energy Efficiency.
..... Sabyasachi Ghosh, Mark Redekopp and Murali Annavaram (University of Southern California)

Energy Efficient Storage Technologies for Data Centers.
..... Alan Yoder (Network Appliances)


10:15-10:30 Coffee Break



Keynote Address




Saving the World, One Server at a Time!
...... Parthasarathy Ranganathan (Hewlett Packard Research Labs)



Session 2: Energy-efficient multiprocessor design




Dynamic Power Redistribution in Failure Prone CMPs.
..... Paula Petrica (Cornell University), Jonathan Winter (Google) and David H. Albonesi (Cornell University)

Guarded Power Gating in a Multi-Core Setting.
..... Niti Madan (IBM Research), Alper Buyuktosunoglu (IBM Research), Pradip Bose (IBM Research) and Murali Annavaram (University of Southern California)

Using Partial Tag Comparison in Low-Power Snoop-based Chip Multiprocessors.
..... Ali Shafie (Sharif University of Technology), Narges Shahidi (Sharif University of Technology), and Amirali Baniasadi (University of Victoria)


12:45-2:00 LUNCH



Session 3: Novel Techniques for Power Management




Achieving Power-Efficiency in Clusters without Distributed File System Complexity.
..... Hrishikesh Amur and Karsten Schwan (Georgia Tech)

What Computer Architects Need to Know About Memory Throttling.
..... Heather Hanson and Karthick Rajamani (IBM Research)

Predictive Power Management for Multi-Core Processors.
..... Lloyd Bircher and Lizy John (University of Texas at Austin)


3:30-4:00 Coffee Break



Open-Mike Discussion




A Dialogue on Energy-efficiency                   

O software experts, when will you start acting more responsibly?
Ye architects, can you design something that can run efficiently?

….. Moderated by John Carter (IBM Research)






Workshop Co-Organizers
John Carter, IBM
Karthick Rajamani, IBM

Program Committee:
Pradip Bose, IBM
David Brooks, Harvard
Kirk Cameron, Virginia Tech
John Carter, IBM
Jichuan Chang, Hewlett-Packard
Babak Falsafi, EPFL
Sudhanva Gurumurthi, University of Virginia
Fernando Latorre, Intel - UPC
Jie Liu, Microsoft
Onur Mutlu, Carnegie-Mellon University
Karthick Rajamani, IBM
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech
Farhana Sheikh, Intel
Thomas Wenisch, University of Michigan