Workshop on Energy-Efficient Design 2009

June 20, 2009

Austin, Texas


Continental breakfast 8:00-8:30

Welcome and Introduction 8:30-8:45

Datacenter power modeling and management 8:45-9:45

         Lakshmi Ganesh, Jie Liu, Suman Nath, Galen Reeves and Feng Zhao. Unleash Stranded Power in Data Centers with RackPacker

         Steven Pelley, David Meisner, Thomas Wenisch and Jim VanGilder. Understanding and Abstracting Total Data Center Power

         Group discussion/survey on energy-efficiency issues in the datacenter.

Server architecture and management (Invited Talk) 9:45-10:15

         Hillery Hunter. Memory Quicksand: Unexpected Factors in Main Memory Power Management

Break 10:15-10:30

Server architecture and management 10:30-12:00

         Anshul Gandhi, Mor Harchol-Balter, Rajarshi Das, Charles Lefurgy and Jeffrey Kephart. Power Capping Via Forced Idleness

         Vlasia Anagnostopoulou, Susmit Biswas, Alan Savage, Ricardo Bianchini, Tao Yang and Frederic T. Chong. Energy Conservation in Datacenters through Cluster Memory Management and Barely-Alive Memory Servers

         Madhu Saravana Sibi Govindan, Charles Lefurgy and Ajay Dholakia. Using on-line power modeling for server power capping

         Group discussion/survey on server design and management issues

Break for Lunch 12:00-14:00

VLSI and Microarchitecture 14:00-15:30

         Timothy Miller, Nagarjuna Surapaneni, Radu Teodorescu and Joanne Degroat. Flexible Redundancy in Robust Processor Architecture

         John Sartori and Rakesh Kumar. Characterizing Voltage-scaling Limitations of Razor-based Designs

         Ronald Dreslinski, Michael Wieckowski, David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester and Trevor Mudge. Near Threshold Computing

         Group discussion/survey on VLSI and Microarchitecture design efficiency issues

Break 15:30-15:45

Panel Session: Where are the weeds in energy-efficiency? 15:45-17:15

Panelists: Ricardo Bianchini* (Rutgers), Eugene Gorbatov* (Intel), Tom Keller (IBM),
Margaret Martonosi (Princeton), Trevor Mudge (Michigan), San Nassif (
Roger Tipley (HP), John Carter (
IBM moderator)

* Tentative