Call For Papers

VEE is a forum that brings together leading practitioners and researchers in the broad area of virtualization, which includes topics such as high-level language virtual machines (JVM, CLR, etc.), process and system virtual machines, translators, machine emulators, and simulators. The VEE conference seeks original papers in areas including, but not limited to the following:

  • Portable (retargetable) interpreters
  • Interpreters for very high-level languages (functional, object, logic)
  • Interpreters for resource-constrained devices and embedded systems
  • Dynamic compilation techniques
  • Virtual machines for Trusted Computing
  • Garbage collection
  • Hardware implementations of VMs
  • Machine emulators
  • Hypervisors, system and process virtual machines
  • Software-based processor/architecture simulators
  • Binary translation and optimization systems
  • Mixed-mode interpretive/compiled systems
  • Security, scalable, simplicity, maintainability and correctness issues
  • VMs in embedded systems
  • VMs in server environments
  • VM interactions in multiple VM environments
  • Related experience reports


Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submissions of technical papers was Thursday, December 15, 2005 UTC-11. Papers must be formatted according to the ACM proceedings format and should be no longer than 10 pages in this format. This 10 pages includes everything (i.e., it is the total length of the paper). The page limit will be strictly enforced, and papers that exceed the limit will be automatically rejected by the program chair.

Submissions should be in PDF (preferably) or Postscript that is interpretable by Ghostscript and printable on US Letter and A4 sized paper. Templates for SIGPLAN-approved LaTeX format can be found at We recommend using this format, which improves greatly on the ACM LaTeX format.

Submitted papers must describe work unpublished in refereed venues, and not submitted for publication elsewhere (including journals and formal proceedings of conferences and workshops). See the SIGPLAN republication policy for more details

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by February 17, 2006. Authors of accepted papers will be required to sign ACM copyright release forms. Proceedings will be published by ACM Press.

Paper Evaluation

The program committee will evaluate the technical contribution of each submission as well as its general accessibility to the VEE audience. Papers will be judged on significance, originality, relevance, correctness, and clarity. The paper must be organized so that it is easily understood by an audience with varied expertise. The paper should clearly identify what has been accomplished, why it is significant, and how it compares with previous work. Papers that introduce new ideas or approaches are especially encouraged. Suggestions on how to prepare a good submission can be found at