International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments

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The goal of VEE is to be a first-rate research forum that brings together leading practitioners and researchers in the broad area of virtualization, which includes topics such as high-level language virtual machines (JVM, CLR, etc.), process and system virtual machines, translators, machine emulators, and simulators. Previously, research results on these topics have been scattered among a number of different venues in the languages (VM, PLDI, OOPSLA, IVME), operating systems (SOSP, OSDI, USENIX), and architecture (ASPLOS, CGO, PACT) communities. We feel the needs of the community would be better served by having a single first-rate conference address the breadth of issues related to virtual execution environments.

VEE Conferences VEE Steering Committee (VEE'08-VEE'09) Steering committee membership is updated after each instance of the VEE conference. Typically, the most recent general and program chairs join the SC and the longest serving members are rotated off the SC. The chair is elected annually by the SC.