Semantic Web Applications and Tools Workshop
at First Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC 2006), Beijing China

List of accepted papers

No. Title Contact Authors

Full Papers

1 Paper 1: A Timed Ontology Evolutions Based on Distributed Environments Yinglong Ma
2 Paper 2: How Semantic Desktop and Web2.0 can help Personal Knowledge Management? Hak Lae Kim
3 Paper 3: A Semantic View-Based Portal Utilizing Learning Object Metadata Teppo Känsälä
4 Paper 4: An Approach to Resolving Semantic Conflicts Based on RDF Model Yinglong Ma
5 Paper 5: A Publication Aggregation System Using Semantic Blogging Aman Shakya
6 Paper 6: Towards Large Scale Ontology Exploration By Using Information Retrieval Technologies Min Long
7 Paper 7: Ontology Engineering for eFinance Pradeep Kumar Ray

Short Papers

8 Paper 8: Methodology for Ontology Lifecycle Management Liya Fan
9 Paper 9: Ontology-Based Data Flow Automatic Matching in Web Services Composition Zhang Jing
10 Paper 10: A Pragmatic View on Ontology Integration Haitao Zheng
11 Paper 11: Semanno: Semantic Annotation Tool for Asian Languages Ivan Berlocher