ATTENTION - Workshop has been moved to April 19, 2010

About the Workshop

In today's world of pervasive networks and ubiquitous computing, people and organizations often rely on time-critical tasks that require accessing data from dynamic information sources and generating responses derived from on-line processing of data in near real-time. In many application domains information sources are increasingly taking the form of data streams, i.e. time ordered series of events or readings. Examples include stock tickers in financial services, link statistics in networking, sensor readings in environmental monitoring, and surveillance data in Homeland Security, to name a few. The ever increasing rates of data stream sources and the stringent response time requirements of stream processing applications force a paradigm shift in how we process data, moving away from the "store and then process" model of database management systems towards the "on-the-fly processing" model of emerging stream processing systems (SPSs). Due to the large and growing number of users, queries, and information sources, as well as the high aggregate rate of data streams distributed across remote sources, scalability becomes a key challenge, necessitating the development of architectures, protocols, and algorithms that can support building highly scalable, available, and reliable SPSs.

This workshop aims at promoting novel research in the area of stream processing systems, looking for bringing together research ideas, concepts, and techniques from the fields of databases, information systems, and distributed systems.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: December 14, 2009

Notification of Acceptance: January 15, 2010

Camera-Ready Copy Due: February 1, 2010

Workshop: April 23, 2010 April 19, 2010

Keynote Speaker

To Be Announced.