Technical Program

Friday, 16 June 2006
8.30am - 8.35am Welcome Address
8.35am - 9.50am

Session 1: Middleware and Infrastructure for Self-Management
Chair: Alexander Keller, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA

Implementation and Evaluation of a Middleware for Self-Organizing Decentralized Web Services
Constantin Adam, Rolf Stadler
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Self-Adaptive Systems: A Middleware Managed Approach
Eli Gj°rven, Frank Eliassen, Ketil Lund, Viktor Eide, Richard Staehli

Simula Research Laboratory, Norway

Gossip-based Clock Synchronization for Large Decentralized Systems
Konrad Iwanicki, Maarten van Steen, Spyros Voulgaris

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

9.50am - 10.15am COFFEE BREAK
10.15am - 11.30am

Session 2: Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Networks
Chair: John Strassner, Motorola Labs, USA

Proximity-aware Superpeer Overlay Topologies (Best Paper Award)
Gian Paolo Jesi, Alberto Montresor*, Ozalp Babaoglu
University of Bologna, Italy, *University of Trento, Italy

Self-Maintaining Overlay Data Structures for Pervasive Autonomic Services
Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli
UniversitÓ di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

Using Aggregation for Adaptive Super-Peer Discovery on the Gradient Topology
Jan Sacha, Jim Dowling, Raymond Cunningham, Rene Meier
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

11.30am - 12.30pm

Panel: Toward Self-Managed Networks?
Chair: Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, UQAM, Canada

David Bartlett, IBM Corporation, USA (Slides in Microsoft Powerpoint)

Bruno Klauser, Cisco, Switzerland (Slides in Microsoft Powerpoint)

Alan Leddy, Ericsson, Ireland

Fabrice Saffre, BT, UK (Slides in Adobe PDF)

12.30pm - 1.30pm LUNCH BREAK
1.30pm - 2.20pm

Session 3: Self-Adaptation
Chair: Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, UQAM, Canada

Self-Adaptive Applications using ADL Contracts
Leonardo Cardoso, Alexandre Sztajnberg*, Orlando Loques
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil, *Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dynamic Generation of Context Rules
Waltenegus Dargie

Technical University of Dresden, Germany

2.20pm - 3.10pm

Session 4: Self-Managed Mobile Systems
Chair: Alexander Keller, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA

Spirits: Using Virtualization and Pervasiveness to Manage Mobile Robot Software Systems
Himanshu Raj, Balasubramanian Seshasayee, Keith O'Hara, Ripal Nathuji, Karsten Schwan, Tucker Balch*
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, *University of Georgia, USA

Mobile Service Clouds: A Self-Managing Infrastructure for Autonomic Mobile Computing Services
Farshad Samimi, Philip McKinley, S. Masoud Sadjadi*

Michigan State University, USA, *Florida International University, USA

3.10pm - 3.40pm COFFEE BREAK
3.40pm - 4.30pm

Session 5: Networking
Chair: Fabrice Saffre, BT, UK

Capacity Efficient Shared Protection and Fast Restoration Scheme in Self-Configured Optical Networks
Jacek Rak

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Increasing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy-Aware Role-Changing
Frank Reichenbach, Andreas Bobek, Philip Hagen, Dirk Timmermann

University of Rostock, Germany

4.30pm - 5.00pm

Session 6: Work-in-Progress Papers
Chair: Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, UQAM, Canada

Self-Organisation of Resources in PROSA P2P Network
Vincenza Carchiolo, Michele Malgeri, Giuseppe Mangioni, Vincenzo Nicosia
UniversitÓ di Catania, Italy

Plug-and-Play Address Management in Ambient Networks
Zoltan Kis, Csaba Simon*, Harri Nemeth*

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, *BME/TMIT, Hungary

k-Variable Movement-Assisted Sensor Deployment Based on Virtual Rhomb Grid in Wireless Sensor Networks (no show up)
Wang Xueqin, Yang YongTian

Harbin Engineering University, China

5.00pm Closing Remarks