Workshop on Operating System Interference in

High Performance Applications


A Half-day workshop held in cooperation with PACT 2005.

Saturday September 17, 2005. St. Louis, Missouri





8:30 Session 1:


Performance Degradation in the Presence of Subnormal Floating-Point Values

Hari Govind, Isaac Dooley, Michael Breitenfeld, Orion Lawlor and  Laxmikant Kale


The Effect of Virtualization on OS Interference

Eric Van Hensbergen


Automatic I/O Scheduler Selection for Latency And Bandwidth Optimization

Seetharami Seelam, Jayaraman Suresh Babu, Patricia Teller


10:00 Break


10:30 Session 2:


Evaluation of Fine-Grain System System Call Scheduling in CEFOS in Commodity Processors

Shigeru Kusakabe, Hideo Taniguchi and Makoto Amamiya


Profiling Memory Subsystem Performance in an Advanced Power Virtualization Environment

Diana Villa, Mitesh Meswani, Patricia Teller and Bret Olszewski


Concluding remarks


11:45 Adjourn




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