Information Technology has had significant impact on the society and has touched all aspects of our lives. So far, computers and expensive devices have fueled this growth. It has resulted in several benefits to the society. The challenge now is to take this success of IT to its next level where IT services can be accessed by masses. "Masses" here mean the people who

(a) are not yet IT literate and/or

(b) do not have the purchase power to use the current IT delivery mechanisms (PC centric model) and/or

(c) do not find current IT solutions and services relevant to their life or business.

Interestingly, a huge portion of the world's population falls in this category. To enable the IT access to such masses, this workshop aims to focus on easy-to-use and affordable, yet powerful, user interfaces that can be used by this population.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers in the industry and the academia to focus on user interface issues related to designing interfaces for this population.