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Workshop on Social Networking in Organizations
CSCW 2008
Hilton San Diego Resort
San Diego, CA, USA

Workshop Overview:

Social networking websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are heavily used by students to maintain friendships and by professionals to maintain contacts with others such as potential customers and recruits. Technologies such as email, IM, and weblogs were initially adopted by students and consumers for personal use and then moved into enterprises, having a significant impact on business environments. Social networking technologies seem to be following suit, perhaps more rapidly, but we are just beginning to explore how these applications are being used inside enterprises and large organizations. To what extent are they used to maintain or establish external ties to family, friends, and professional colleagues? To what extent are they being used to meet internal team or organizational goals? How are organizations responding?

This workshop will assemble 20 people with a research or applied industry interest in social networking in organizational or enterprise settings.

Important Dates:

Friday, September 26: position papers due
Friday, September 30: notification of acceptance
Friday, October 31: final position papers available on this website
Sunday, November 9: workshop in San Diego, CA

Workshop Position Papers:

SelectMinds Abstract for CSCW 2008 Workshop: Social Networking in Organizations
Steve Kuhn (attending)

Social Software for Supporting Interaction in a Community of Practice Dedicated to e-Learning
Sandy El Helou, Marie-Dominique Raffier Möller (attending), Amaury Daele, Denis Gillet

Social Networking Sites: Reinterpretation in Crisis Situations
Sarah Vieweg (attending)

Challenges of the Use of Social Networking Services in (German) Enterprises
Alexander Richter, Michael Koch

Design Principles to Encourage Adoption of Social Software in Organizations
Maryam Najafian Razavi (attending), Lee Iverson

Community Building within Enterprise Blogs: An iPhone Blog Story
Julia Grace (attending), Christine Robson (attending), Jeffery Pierce

How Might Microblogs Support Collaborative Work?
Dejin Zhao (attending), Mary Beth Rosson

Social Networking in Organizations: The Network-Centric Organization
Steve Abrams (attending)

Beyond Thick Description and Self Report: How Should Organizational Audiences Be Studied?
Jennifer Thom-Santelli (attending)

Organizational Social Networking: From the Enterprise to the Farm
Nicole B. Ellison (attending), Cliff Lampe (attending)

The D Street Case Study
Patricia Romeo (attending)

Mining and Utilizing Social Networks within the Organization
Ido Guy (attending), Vova Soroka (attending)

Research on the Use of Social Software in the Workplace
Joan DiMicco (attending), David Millen (attending), Werner Geyer, Casey Dugan (attending)