Hotel Information

Conference participants are responsible to make their own reservations.

To help with reservations we recommend the following hotels:

Parking Information

Note that many downtown areas in Zurich have a regime, where only local residents presenting a specific permit can park there without limit. For all others there is a 90 minutes limit (enforced by fines and/or tow-away zones), so not suited to leave a car during the day or so. This is to prevent people from the suburbs flooding the city during the day and rather convince them to park outside and take the offered park-and-ride options instead (or leave the car at home altogether). Moreover, the inner city has a rather confusing one-way system, that can easily throw off non-locals.

Zurich has a pretty dense, good and reliable public transport system. The city bus (#165) to the lab can be boarded at Bürkliplatz. Directions and timetables are available here

Please feel free to use other reservation tools such as