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The Seventh Annual
      International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking

July 16-21, 2001, Rome, Italy

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Barberini Palace


Barberini Palace and National Gallery of Antique Art
A brief introduction

The building was designed by Maderno as a country-house enriched of open perspectives and vast gardens. The rooms are all decorated in an eighteenth century taste. Among them you can notice, on the first floor, a big hall with a dazzling fresco painted by Pietro da Cortona in 1633. Among the numerous masterpieces exposed here we point out: “Our Lady of Tarquinia” (dated 1437) and “Annunciation” by Filippo Lippi; “St. Nicholas from Tolentino” (1505-07) Perugino; paintings by Domenico Beccafumi and Andrea del Sarto ; “The Rape of the Sabines” and “Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine” by Sodoma; “Stefano Colonna’s Portrait” by Bronzino; “La Fornarina”, famous painting by Raffaello who portrayed his beloved woman; “Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine” by Lorenzo Lotto; “Venus and Adonis” by Tiziano ; “Adulteress” by Tintoretto. Besides you can admire Two El Greco's sketches, “Judith cuts Holopherne’s head” and “Narcissus” by Caravaggio; “Christ’s Flagellation” by Guercino. A room dedicated to Flemish paintings of 15th and 16th centuries follows. On the second floor there are 18th century’s works: Rome and Roman Country and Venice Views by Canaletto. The entrance is in "Via delle Quattro Fontane". In 1949 the building was acquired by the State and now part of the National Gallery of Antique Art has been settled here (the rest is in Corsini Building). It was founded in 1895 and contains works concerning the period from 12th until 18th centuries. These works come from Corsini-Colonna family collections, Barberini’s collections and from legacies and purchases.

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